Just Fine

by dee_ayy

+ + + + +

"Just fine."

Two words. I use 'em all the time, calming scared victims.

"You're gonna be just fine."

But saying 'em and hearing 'em are two entirely different things.

It's different when it's you. All the training and experience in the world don't matter then. You can know it's not serious, can know that in a month no one will know anything happened at all. You can keep your stiff upper lip, can seem calm and cool for your worried coworkers.

You can know and do all that, but it doesn't matter. You still want to hear it; still want someone to make that promise.

"Just fine."

Maybe it's your partner, maybe one of the doctors, usually both. You hear the words, but you doubt. Are they sure? Can they guarantee it? There's that part inside you that's scared. There's that part that doubts. That wonders "what if I'm not?"

Is this the one that does me in? That ends my career if not my life? Usually they are fleeting doubts, but still they come, and linger. They hover until someone tells you again. And that time you believe it. And you know it's true.

"You're gonna be just fine."


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