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Cute picture of Johnny Gage Welcome to my archive of Emergency! fan fiction, written between 2000 and 2002.

Our heros, Johnny Gage and Roy DeSoto I haven't written anything in YEARS, but people still occasionally find these chestnuts and like them, so far be it from me to remove them!




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Second Chances (77k) October 2002. Johnny unexpectedly encounters someone from his past.

Displaced (40k) September 2002. What do you do when it happens to you? That's what John Gage has to figure out.

Two Minutes (17k) April 2002. Johnny is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Out of Nowhere (203k) Part 1; Part 2 March 2002. Johnny is stunned by some unexpected bad news, which he tries to deal with on his own.

Some Surprise (24k) November 2001. It's Roy's birthday, and things don't go as he thought they would.

Once Bitten (36k) October 2001. Halloween takes a bite out of Johnny. Literally.

Just Fine (10k) June 2001. (A 200-word story to celebrate the 200th Member to the AllE!Fanfic Mailing list.) Sometimes, you need to hear the words yourself.

The Scare (22k) April 2001. The tables are turned on Mike Morton, as doctor becomes patient and learns a valuable lesson.

Nothing To Worry About (59k) February 2001. An episode fiction for "Survival on Charter 220." What happened to Johnny when he went to the first aid station?

Requiem (46k) January 2001. The men of Station 51 must deal with the line-of-duty death of Chet Kelly. (NEW! Read the companion scene to this story written and submitted by one of my readers! Click Here.)

Another Hang-Up (52k) November 2000. A little post-ep for the episode (you guessed it!) "Hang-Up," complete with plenty of angst and owies.

Too Close for Comfort (70k) September 2000. Johnny rescues a sheriff's deputy during a shootout. Then things really get tense.

Three Strikes (15k) July 2000.  Well, there was this charity softball game. And there was this actor there. And he played Johnny Gage. And he pulled a muscle. And Peggy and I turned it into fan fic.

View From the Other Side (50k) July 2000. Tragedy befalls one of their own, giving Johnny Gage a new perspective on his profession and his relationship with his partner.

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